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Bramley Lodge is serviced by a ramp leading into the Log cabin. There are Disabled toilet facilities built into the cabin. It is my intention to offer a welcoming and hassle free environment to all my guests whatever their disability. If there is anything you would like to know or anything we can help you with, please do not be afraid to ask, If we can help we will.
Bramley Lodge has ramp access to the side (1/12) with an adjacent parking bay. This access also provides access down onto the garden and patio area.

The sink area has clear under space (there is a small boxed in area which would be less than that of a pedestal which has been tested with our shower chair provided) A grab rail is provided for the more mobile and lever taps for ease of use.

The shower area has a wet floor system. Two showers are provided for family use. One of these showers has been fitted with both a vertical upright rail and a drop down rail on the other wall.

We have provided a new self propelled shower chair. both the arms and foot rest flip up and down for easy manoeuvrability. The shower chair is also designed to wheel over the toilet if necessary.
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